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Mona de bo - Nekavējies, Šīs ir Spēles Ar Tevi (2010)

Mona de bo are:
Edgars Eihmanis (drums) and Edgars Rubenis (guitar)

with help of:
Anete Stuce - organ
Dāvis Burmeisters - guitar
Kaspars Majors - trombone
Raitis Rozentāls - french horn
Paulis Grīnhofs - organ
Stanislavs Judins - double bass.

...all hailing from Riga, Latvia. They started with garage rock in 2005, but changed their direction distinctly since the release of their first album in 2008. Nekavējies, Šīs ir Spēles Ar Tevi (Don’t Hesitate, You’re Already Part of It), their second full-length, dwells deep into drone fields, with heavy psychedelic overtones. I'm talking drone rock now, meaning there are still shapes of rock music, not the pure drone stream of sound. In fact, sometimes I'm close to saying it's just really slow rock (maybe post-, like on video below), then (nearing the end of the album) late-Earth similarity occurs to me, though these guys are heavier. Anyway, I suggest you give this stuff a try.

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