неділя, 26 грудня 2010 р.

Slow Ride Home "The Great Southern Supercluster" (2010)

Classy album from one of the few Ukrainian psychedelic bands. Causa Sui & Hypnos 69 blend with Dire Straits' guitar gentleness, 27 minutes of instrumental delight. Doommantia in their detailed review seem to agree it's totally enjoyable. So... enjoy.

p.s. this year's Black Mountain album is amazing, people. Get it, get it, get it!

пʼятниця, 17 грудня 2010 р.

Ivanov Down - Best Urban Technical Noises (1991)

Here it comes, the seriously fucked up sleep schedule. It's now 4.33 AM, I woke up about 3 hours ago. Which is one of the reasons I missed a local psychedelic/indie show, and I just hope I'm not gonna miss Ivanov Down this night.

They were one of the main acts on Soviet/Ukrainian early 90's underground post-punk scene with their "Best Urban Technical Noises" tape out in 1991. Highly experimental, merging gloomy post-punk melodics with industrial and noise rock sound, this record bears strong similarities to Trop Tard's "Photodrame". There's hardly any information about them available in English, and I don't particularly feel like translating biographies from Russian right now, but it all boils down to 'they'd been a bunch of freaks, then Perestroika came and they had to find real jobs'.

Now there's new line-up, and their album was released on CD in 2009 (with slightly different track listing). Well, theoretically 'slightly', 'cause the tape rip I downloaded some time ago has 21 songs instead of supposed 12, most of them untagged. Anyway, things are clearer with the CD version, which I advise you to check out.

The song below is 'Eyes' ('Glaza'), probably the most catchy and post-punk song they have.

четвер, 16 грудня 2010 р.

Last.fm auto-correction isn't working properly AGAIN. I've got a growing feeling that their software is becoming less and less stable as they're trying to fix occurring problems, which worries me a bit.

np: Mushroom - Naked, Stoned & Stabbed [2010]. While I'm having really easy (though slightly boring) time listening to this album, describing it may turn out somewhat difficult. Sort of psychedelic jazz with folky feel (whole lot of flutes, whistles, violins and stuff), very relaxing, yet rather complex. Personally, despite all my open-mindedness, I prefer music with more tunes to it. May be worth a listen for people who are more into jazz, though.

середа, 15 грудня 2010 р.


And here I am, starting new blog again.

What I mostly expect to be here are music posts, my thoughts and impressions, reviews (kind of), my cd rips and stuff I want to share (warning, delete files in 24 blah-blah). Maybe there'll be more to it, maybe this will turn to something else in time.

Few more things. English isn't my native language, and it's been a while since I had any real practice, so it could be that my manner of writing strikes you somewhat odd. But boy, I enjoy it, I mean, thinking and writing in English again!

Hey, and if you find the title offensive in any way, would you please just leave. See, you don't like the word Satan, I don't like it when people take every nonsense serious, let's not piss off each other any more than that.