вівторок, 18 січня 2011 р.

Hills - Hills (2009, 2010)

Hills are the three-piece psych/kraut/space-rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden, formed around 2006-2007. They released their self-titled LP album in 2009 on Intergalactic Tactics Records (300 copies). In 2010, it was reissued on CD through Sulatron Records with rearranged song listing and two bonus tracks.

I love Swedish music, they're fantastically potent in every genre from sad indie rock to kraut jams. In fact, the latter are what Hills are about, though the range of their sound stretches from trippy space-scapes one moment to menacing and dark krautrock (think German Oak maybe) the other, while bright piano passages and flute sounds bring even more variety. Not even slightly boring, this album is definitely a worthy listen for all who value experimental side of psychedelic music.

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